Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Obsession: The Stairs

You might be a little surprised to see an entire post on stairs. However, it seems that everywhere we look, someone is writing about or showcasing the staircase. So, we thought we would "jump on the bandwagon" (excuse the cliche) and share our obsession with the stairs.  We are obsessed with the endless design opportunities that the stairs present. Here are a few of our favorites...

Colorful runners are popping up everywhere and we like it!

It's all in the details! Check out the next three photos for details in the railings and skirt board (the flat wood that runs along the side of the stairs). 

Everyone loves a good graphic print. Now, you can incorporate graphic prints onto your stairs using stencils. Genius!

We are going to be taking the day off tomorrow to hangout with friends and celebrate the 4th, but we will be back on Friday to share some photos from our 4th of July! We hope everyone enjoys the time with family and friends.

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