Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Artist Interview: Hyla Wooldridge

We would like to introduce you all to our May Artist. Meet Hyla Wooldridge, the mastermind behind HYLA DeWITT jewelry. From an early age she always had a passion of jewelry, and started making her passion a reality in high school. She continued to develop her line throughout college, and took it to the next level after she graduated. Her unique pieces make a statement, and can turn drab into fab.

Khaki Crystal and Tessa Bracelet

OD: What made you want to become a jewelry designer?
HW: I started making jewelry when I was in high school as a hobby to give to friends and family. Since then I would always find myself going back and enjoy creating new designs and techniques. Through the years my jewelry style has evolved into the Hyla DeWitt Jewelry Brand and I'm so lucky that I was able to create a small hobby into an exciting career.

Vic Aqua and Leslie

OD: Where do you get ideas for your designs?
HW: Everywhere. Color, textiles and architecture. I also love being inspired by jewelry from different centuries.

Citrine Tassels, Vine Blue Earrings, and Whitney

OD: I know you do all your own beading so is it hard to re-create the same piece multiple times?
HW: I use semi precious and natural stones which make every piece slightly different since each stone has its own characteristic, which makes the piece of jewelry unique and custom made for the owner.

OD: What is your dream home office like?
HW: Lots of space, something I lack now. I would love a super chic white lacquered wall with a super modern sleek desk and old antique Louis chairs. I love mixing old and new. Below is a picture of where I will pull my inspiration from.

OD: If you could travel anywhere to find stones, where would it be?
HW: I would love to travel all over! There are so many beautiful gems all over the world.

Untitled #47

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