Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tablescape: Porch Dinner

Currently, the weather in Charleston is perfect. The sun is shining during the day and the evenings cool down just enough to throw on a jean jacket. If you were to look up Spring in a dictionary it would have a picture of Charleston right now. It is wonderful! The other night, we decided to take advantage of the weather and have dinner on Leslie's porch. And by "we", I mean I did nothing...Leslie created an amazing tablescape, a delicious dinner and served up plenty of vino. Sidenote: I was supposed to show up with dessert and totally forgot...I literally did nothing! I did, however, bring a camera and would love to share some photos from the evening.

Our dear friend Cate works for Elson and Company and shared some of their newest creation...these napkins. Aren't they fun? I love how Leslie mixed and matched the napkins to create the perfect casual affair.

The glassware came from Simon Pearce and the gold dipped glasses are from GDC in Charleston, but you can purchase a similar look here. The placemats were the perfect accent to the wooden table. The textured white plates paired with the colorful napkins to help complete the tablescape. As you can tell, the evening was lovely.

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