Thursday, January 30, 2014

Polar Vortex and New Items

Well, if you are reading this from somewhere in the southeast, it is safe to say you had some interesting weather this week. While the weather caused some serious issues, we have really loved hearing the positive stories that have evolved out of the Polar Vortex craziness. We have heard stories from Atlanta and Birmingham about people coming together to offer help, shelter or a hot meal to complete strangers. My 86 year old grandmother hosted a lady that had been stranded for hours and was unable to make it home. Leslie’s family took in several people for meals and beds. It is comforting to hear these stories about kindness and giving! 

In the midst of the snow, ice and bridge closings, we somehow managed to receive a shipment of tabletop pieces from our newest vendor...Terrafirma Ceramics. If you are not familiar with Terrafirma, it is time you joined the party! This stuff is A-Mazing! Each piece is made entirely by hand and kiln-fired to extremely high temperatures, giving each piece its own personality and great durability! The natural stoneware is juxtaposed with vibrantly colored and patterned porcelain surfaces. The best can mix and match all of it! 

Pieces are priced $77 -$149
These pieces make great giftsI can pretty much guarantee you that any newlywed couple would be very happy with a Terrafirma gift. If you see a piece that you like, but don’t like the color (or vice versa), contact us...we can special order anything!!! Happy shopping!

Marion + Leslie

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