Tuesday, February 4, 2014

DIY: Easy Valentine's Day Gifts

This is an easy DIY project that we think is an inexpensive update to the usual "go-to" Valentine's Day gifts. It is healthier then a cookie, lasts longer then 12 dozen roses and looks prettier then a card. Small potted plants is our "go-to" gift for our girl friends this year.

We started out by gathering several empty pots that I had lying around my house and porch. Leslie picked up a twelve pack of Dianthus plants (you can grab any potted plant, but we thought the color of the flowers was appropriate for the holiday).

Since the pots were so small, we didn't need any additional soil. We placed each plant into a terracotta pot, patted down the soil and gave it some water.

We topped off our plants with a heart attached to a skewer…just to make sure it looked it's part! Voila!

I am proud to report that we worked on this blog post over a week ago and the plants are still going to strong…they will be delivered this week!

Marion + Leslie

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