Thursday, April 25, 2013

Artist Interview: Mila Hirsch

After getting so much positive feed back from our March Artist Interview, we couldn't wait to introduce you to another artist.  Meet Mila Hirsch. Mila is an Alabama transplant living in New York, where she still manages to capture her southern heritage.  Her botanicals and paintings will catch your attention and make you look twice.  Read below to get to know more about Mila and what inspires her, and make sure to check out her website!

OD:Where do you find your inspiration?
MDH: I find a lot of inspiration from my love of home décor. One of my main motivations as an artist is conceptualizing art that works in the context of people homes.  Having my art in someones home is the highest form of accomplishment. Also my husband, Joe, brings me flowers regularly for our apartment from the Chelsea flower market by his office.  I get most of my inspiration from Joe bringing me flowers

OD:Where is your dream place to paint?
MDH: I currently have a small workspace in my NYC apartment and a larger studio in an office building in Birmingham, AL.  I hope one day to have a freestanding custom studio beside my house that I can easily go from inside to outside according to the weather.  In my dreams it would be close to a lake, beach, or body of water.

above: artist working in New York Apartment below: corner of Alabama studio

OD: Do you prefer doing your etchings or painting?
MDH:That’s a tough question I really like printmaking and painting.  I enjoy both processes, but if I had to pick it would be painting because I can get set up faster than printmaking and with a baby time is fleeting.  Drawing is nontoxic and the easy to pick up and stop interspersedly through out the day so lately I've been drawing the most.  Currently I am working towards interdisciplinary work- paintings of copper etchings that are based off botanical drawings that I hand press leaves and stems (shown below $150).  You can see more drawings and make purchases at and expect to see the etchings and painting on the website this summer.

OD:How is it going back to work since being a new mom?
MDH:It is hard to find time to work like I did before having a baby.  I tell my self I have three rolls; firstly I am a mom, secondly I am a wife, and thirdly I am an artist.  I really have to make an effort to fulfill all three rolls. I am on a stick schedule doing feeding with my 4 month old, Rexford, so everyday from 1-4 p.m. during his long nap I do my art.  Three hours a day is a lot less time than I am used to working but some days I find more time.  If I gave up being an artist I would not be as happy or able to be the best mom I can be.  I love working and am available for commissions, you can email me at

Dreher Rexford Hirsch enjoying being poolside in Alys Beach March 2013

OD: What piece are you coveting right now?
MDH:I am always most sentimental and attached to my most recent painting. Right now Green Flowerscape is the only painting I have had time to complete since becoming a mom.  



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  1. Love these! Mila is so talented & I'm happy to have one of her paintings in my house! Can't wait to have more- especially those new etchings!