Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bookshelf Styling

Reorganizing your bookshelves can be such an easy way to update your space. Just by adding new accessories you will have a new look! Some things to think about:

1. Start with a blank canvas- Yes, unfortunately this means take everything down
2. Turn your books horizontally- It will help create more space
3. Think about layering- Stack your new figurines on top of the horizontal books, and lean a print behind them
4. Alternate the book placing on each shelf- This will help create a balance
5. Color Coordinate the books- It just looks good :)
6. Hang something- Use the front of your bookshelf to display art, this immediately draws someone's attention

Here are some items I'm craving to add to my shelves!

Bookshelf Styling
Happy Styling!

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