Monday, April 7, 2014

Round Top Round Up

Good Morning! We are back from Round Top and are eager to share some tidbits from our time in Texas. Before we left on our adventure, we tried to google/research Round Top as much as we could, but never found a concrete source of information. So we wanted to write this post as a resource for future trips and for future attendees….warning, this post is a bit more lengthy then most because it is jam packed with information. 

The Low Down:
Round Top occurs twice a year (October and April) and lasts about two weeks. Round Top is a mix  of both flea market finds and fine antiques. For example, we would be walking down an aisle and see 15th century Medievel Armour and ten feet away we would spot a piece of "yard art" that you can pick up at your local Home Depot. The juxtaposition made for interesting conversations, stares and laughs. 

Our Favorite Spots:
With over 60 designated locations in Round Top and the surrounding area, it was nearly impossible to see it all. These were our favorite...

-Blue Hills Antique Market
-Arbor International Antiques
-Marburger Farm Antique Market (keep your wrist band for re-entry)
-Red Barn (keep your wrist band for re-entry)
Old Crates at Blue Hills Antique Market
Refurbished Pieces at Marburger Farm
Where To Stay:
Wakefield Farms Bed and Breakfast- Beautiful place to stay, very isolated, the owner is very chatty.
Lilian Farms- Little Bed and Breakfast that was recommended by the locals.
Wakefield Farm
Wakefield Farm

Where To Eat:
Ok, eating at Round Top can get a little stressful (especially around lunchtime when you and 100,000 other people are hungry). I'm not sure we ever mastered the art of lunching at Round Top, my advice take some snacks and eat a late lunch. Dinner, however, was an unexpected surprise. 

Ernie's - The best service (ask for Kathleen) and great dishes made ingredients when available. 
Volare - This place was hopping for a Thursday night at 6 pm, the food was pretty authentic. 
Chappell Hill Bakery and Deli - A good spot for breakfast tacos
291 Icehouse - Great place to grab a drink with the locals

291 Icehouse
That was a lot of information! If you are ever thinking about heading to Round Top for antique week, feel free to email us. We took a lot of notes (in hopes of going again) and are happy to share what we know. Be sure to check back later this week so you can see what we found at Round Top!

Marion + Leslie

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