Monday, April 22, 2013

Snapshot: Hostess Gifts

Happy Monday! My husband and I packed our bags and headed to his hometown in Georgia this weekend.  Saturday night was actually supposed to be our engagement party, but back in January we decided to run away and get hitched! We eloped! So instead of an engagement party, it shifted into a marriage celebration! Thirty couples hosted this party (yes...3-0). So, when it came time to finding a gift for all of them, I had to get creative. We decided on something from Charleston and you can't really go wrong with food! I decided to give Charleston Rice from Luquire Farms. Rice is symbolic of weddings and it is extremely useful!

Photo by Marion
To personalize the gift, I created gift tags on Minted (my favorite source for all things paper). Then, I used twine to pull it all together.  Voila! When it was all said and done, I spent less then $5 on each gift and they were a hit!

Photo by Marion

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