Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Guest Post: Cassie from F&F

Hi there Open Door readers!  My name is Cassie, and I write Fooding & Friending – a lifestyle blog about living in Texas.  I’m so lucky to call Marion and Leslie pals, and I’m thrilled that they asked me to guest post on OD while they rest up from their trip to Market in Atlanta.  Thanks, gals!  (You can read their guest post on F&F here!)  If you read my blog even every so often (and if you don’t you should! ;) ) then you know I travel a lot.  Like, a lot a lot.  The last two weekends I have found myself in both Maine and Sea Island – the former to celebrate the 4th of July / my birthday with my fave guy and another couple and the latter for the bachelorette of a best friend.  As different as these trips were regarding climate, activity level, and dress code I packed essentially the same bag, because if I know one thing it’s how to pack for a weekend getaway.  An over-packer by nature this has taken an inordinate amount of practice, and I still struggle from time to time, BUT let’s say for the most part I’ve got it down.  So, I thought I’d share with y’all my weekend getaway essentials, and next time you’re stressed about sneaking out of the office early whilst avoiding your boss at least you’ll know what to pack!  
A weekender | + bag for the beach (your “personal item”) | Chambray shirt | Pleated  maxi skirt | Striped shirt | White jeans (+ a pair you wear on the plane) | Tank | Statement necklace | Fun earrings |Fabulous cover up | swim suit  | Sunscreen | Flip flops | flat sandals

If you’re going to a cooler weather destination I say pack a jean jacket and wear a scarf (bonus: doubles as a cover up!) on the plane – I couldn’t be the only one that freezes to death on mass transit?  Also, I’m tall, so I think wedges are totally unnecessary for a quick trip, but if you must I suppose you could throw those in too.  You’re trying to cram everything in to a carry-on after all!  While I have no problem switching out my toiletries when I must carry less than 3oz (the travel section at Whole Foods has great stuff), I won’t budge on my sunscreen.  It’s just not happening.  And if I can swing it (depending on size constraints) I pack my coconut oil because I use it at as a face wash, moisturizer, and after sun lotion – 3 for 1 sounds like a good deal to me!  So, there you have it – pretty much exactly what I’ve been packing for weekends away this summer: Fabulous separates that can be easily paired with each other for original, fun, and travel friendly outfits – what more could a travel savvy gal ask for?  

Huge thanks again to Marion and Leslie for having me over here today, hopefully they’ll let me come back sometime!  

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