Friday, August 2, 2013

Fab Friday: C. Wonder

Fab Friday is our chance to mix it up. You know, give you something a little different. It is our chance to share with you a little about us, feature a gathering with friends or highlight events going on in Charleston.  Today we are going to share with you the happening in Charleston. 

Charleston is home to King Street, which many of you know is THE hub for shopping, eating and drinking. It is home to boutiques, both big and small, unique and common.  This fall, a new shop will join the pack and we are excited, to say the least. C. Wonder will be the newest addition to King Street. They are opening their doors this fall and promise to bring the best collection of lacquer and enamel, calf-hair and suede, monogramming and personalization to the Charleston area. Charleston get ready! Here are a few of our favorite items from their upcoming fall collection. 

We are in love with the flying piggy bank! I can think of a million places for this little guy (bedside table, desk, coffee table, etc.). 

Who doesn't love a miniature dachshund? Better yet, who doesn't love clothes adorned with miniature dachshunds? Velvet slippers....hello!  

If you don't live in the Charleston area or you can't wait another minute for the store to open, then check out their cute website here. Have a wonderful Friday and be sure to check out our instagram account to see what we are up to this weekend.

Marion and Leslie

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