Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Summer Entertaining: Wine and Cheese Please

Ok, so let me preface this post by saying...I am not a wine connoisseur. Actually, I know very little about vino, but this summer, I have a new found appreciation for rosé. There is nothing better then pulling out some cheese, crackers and opening up a bottle of rosé. Sounds lovely right?

When it comes to buying rosé at the store, it can be a bit overwhelming. So Leslie and I have been taste tasting rosé (a.k.a. "working hard"), in order to bring you our list of the best rosé wines. Here is a list of our top five favorites:

1. Lioco "Indica Rose," Mendocino, $18.00
2. Madame Fleur Rose 365, $8.99
3. Charles and Charles Rose, $12.99
4. Ameztoi Rubentis Txakolina Rose, $19.99
5. Elizabeth Spencer Rose of Pinot Noir, $30.00

Now, all you need is the cheese....

 I love the addition of green apples and the little flags that identify the types of cheeses. Genius!

Since, I love anything that is made out of galvanized steel, this makeshift cake stand had me at "Hello!". The ceramic placards are pretty nifty too!

Are we missing a rosé that you love? Leave us a comment and we will give it a try!


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  1. Y'all left off my three favorite rosés! (My fave summer drink of all) I love, love, love Bieler Pere Et Fils Rose (Provence), Crios (Mendoza, Argentina), and Liquid Geography (Murcia, Spain) - They're all so delicious and even better super affordable! Let me know if you like, definitely sounds like a taste test I'd like to be a part of! XOXO