Wednesday, October 16, 2013

DIYing: Everyday into Art

We had to share with you our most recent DIY project...turning ordinary things into pieces of art. This DIY project is simple, it just requires you to do a little scavenging around your house, antique store or thrift store. For example we found some wonderful agate coasters and prints from an antique book. We took them to our local framer and were thrilled with the results.

agate coasters

The Finished Pieces

DIY Success!
Here are the Robin's Egg Prints from the antique books. They turned out so handsome! Actually, exceeded our expectations, so we are going to sell them in the shop.

purchase here 
purchase here 
purchase here

I think all three prints would make a nice statement in a living room or hallway. A friend of ours hung similar egg prints in her nursery...cute idea, right?

What are you going to frame?

Marion + Leslie


  1. looks fab!!! can't wait to see y'all SOON!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks Cassie! We cannot wait for dinner next week!