Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Inspiration: Hostess Gifts For Every Occasion

We have the fail proof gift for any occasion. What's better? It doesn't require any gift wrap! That is right, find a fun beverage, bar accessory, or delicious can of preserves and wrap it in a beautiful tea towel (some people refer to these as dish towels, but it is all the same in our book). 

Since holidays are approaching and your social calendar is beginning to fill up, go ahead and stock up on these tea/dish towels in a bevy of colors! 

Coral Tea Towel and Jack Rudy Tonic

Moroccan Coasters and Celadon Tea Towel

Blackberry Jam and Dot Tea Towel

Chardonnay and Origami Tea Towel

Want to see a video of us creating the perfect hostess gift? Here it is:

Who knows...maybe you will get one of these at your next holiday party!

Marion + Leslie

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