Friday, November 8, 2013

Fab Friday: Weekend Plans

I realized last night when I was trying to think about a FAB Friday post, that we have officially been blogging for an ENTIRE year. I guess that makes for a pretty good "Fab Friday". I read our first blog post last night (it was all about Weck Jars). It got me thinking about how much has changed in a year. Aside, from me getting married, Leslie and I went from blogging as a hobby (on our lunch break) to blogging for our business, Open Door Shop. We owe you all a BIG thank you! Thanks for the support, encouragement and occasional grammar checks! Y'all are the best.

Aside from celebrating our one year of blogging, we have some fun weekend plans. Leslie is heading off to Alabama to spend some time with family and attend the Alabama vs. LSU game (Roll tide!). I am going to be staying in Charleston. I'm looking forward to sleeping in, hitting up the farmers market and attending the Redux Art Auction. Check out Instagram this weekend for some pics.

Marion + Leslie

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  1. Happy Anni!!!! Can't believe it's been a YEAR! Love y'all!