Thursday, June 19, 2014

Guest Blog: Anna from Silver Spoon Taste

We have asked our friend Anna over at Silver Spoon Taste  to curate her registry must-haves. Check out what she has to say!

Top 10 Things You Must Put On Your Wedding Registry
I think when Charles Dickens wrote, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” he was talking about a wedding engagement. Being engaged and planning a wedding is a complete spectrum of emotions: delightful happiness, desperate stress, hopeful love, and more desperate stress.
For me personally, the most stressful part of wedding planning was in the details. I didn’t really care what color the reception linens were or what type of glassware to register for, but someone had to make these decisions.  And, much to my chagrin, I was most often the decision maker on these petty – but important! – details, which was a bit more tedious than I would have liked.
Fear not, beautiful brides-to-be! Open Door Shop and Silver Spoon Taste are here to alleviate your wedding woes with a selection of must-haves for your wedding registry. Forgot the wedding cake server? Don’t worry! We have one for you. Skipped over your party platters? We’ve got you covered. Open Door Shop’s wedding registry selection is wonderfully comprehensive and, thankfully, covers all the details.

Don’t forget these 10 things for your wedding registry:
1.     Napkin Rings. I love these gold napkin rings because they can be used for both dressy and casual affairs and add an art deco flair to any table.
2.     Chip and Dip. A good chip and dip bowl will last you a lifetime, and this one is no exception. White porcelain + gold trim = great appetizer serving success! Mmm now I’m craving some guacamole…
3.     Linen Cocktail Napkins. Linen cocktail napkins add a certain sophistication to any party, and who doesn’t want to act sophisticated? Even when I’m feeling less than so I still love using them to add some pomp and circumstance to an affair. A girl can pretend.
4.     Cake Stand. Cake stands are useful for much more than balancing a cake: use them for displaying appetizers, holding veggie cups, even for cutting a pizza. This cake stand will stand the test of time for sure.
5.     Table Placemats. These placemats are the perfect foundation for any table setting. The gray will ground your tablescape and serve as a beautiful backdrop for a variety of place settings.
6.     Cheese Knives. I think one of the most important aspects of being a good hostess is being ready for a party at a moment’s notice, and having this trusty set of cheese knives will allow you to do just that. Use them for dips, sauces, and jams, too. Some of the best parties are the spur of the moment ones.
7.     Glass Carafe. The perfect glass pitcher to have around for any occasion, this carafe can be used for water, mimosas or wine – what’s not to love? Now I’m craving a mimosa too…
8.     Wooden Cutting Board. This wooden cutting board is great for not only dicing veggies, but perfect for displaying charcuterie and meats as well. Carve your pork tenderloin on this board and then serve it from there too – one less platter to wash!
9.     Tin Tray. You can never have too many party platters or trays. I suggest having platters in a variety of sizes, like this one – it’s perfect for holding a nut mix at a party or even serving as a catch-all tray on your bedside table.
10.  Ceramic Bowl. This beautiful handmade bowl would be a great piece for serving salads or a rustic pasta. A good serving piece always makes your food look better! I am always searching for new ways to make my semi-homemade cooking look more appetizing…
See? That wasn’t that bad! Registering for your wedding is a piece of a wedding cake with your pals at Open Door Shop. Remember – relax and enjoy this special time in your life. Weddings are all about celebrating love, family and friends, and the details will always work themselves out. A bottle glass of champagne always helps, too.
For more information on Open Door Shop’s online registry, click here.

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