Thursday, September 18, 2014

Do you mix and match?

Do you mix and match? During the cooler months, I wear a pair of leopard flats with just about everything. They are comfortable and really easy to throw on. No matter what other patterns or colors I have on, my leopard flats always seem to work! Take it from Song of Style, she mixes plaid and leopard and it works too!

Mixing patterns is a must, but how can you incorporate it in your home? Well a year ago, Leslie and I found this amazing linen line that is all about mixing and matching. If you are familiar with the shop, then you know we are talking about Pehr Design. The entire line of casual linens is meant to be "mixed" and "matched". This week, we received their newest collection of dinner napkin and I can't stop talking about them.

Don't these napkins work well together? The takeaway, if you are brave enough to mix and match fashion, then it's time to take it to the dinner table.

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