Monday, March 11, 2013

Artist Interview: Harrison Blackford

Today, I am super excited to post our first ever, Artist Interview. Our hope is that this will become a monthly feature, so let us know if you have any suggestions for future artists to interview.

Recently, Harrison’s artwork has been turning heads. Her use of vibrant color and texture draw people to her paintings. If you get to know Harrison, you quickly see the connection between her work and her fun loving personality. Harrison, much like her paintings, has the ability to light up a room. Get to know Harrison more in our interview below and be sure to check out her website to see more images of her work.
M: What inspires you?
H: I find my inspiration everywhere! I love looking at a room, seeing what colors already exist, and bringing out certain pops of those colors in a painting. I am constantly flipping through magazines and looking at different spaces. Big pieces of art are my favorite. I feel like the larger the painting, the more drama it can create in a room. Inspiration in antiques, fashion, interiors, landscapes...ANYWHERE WHERE THERE IS COLOR! Sometimes I will see two colors paired together that you would not expect and it makes me want to go start painting. Each painting really comes from a different place.

"Caroline" - Harrison Blackford
48 x 48 Acrylic on canvas - SOLD 
Palm Beach, Florida

M:  Where do you make art?
H: I paint in my studio in my apartment in Greenville, South Carolina. I love being able to paint late night or super early in the morning- whatever works. I have lots of windows and light. I love my studio!
Studio - Harrison Blackford
Greenville, SC
M: What is your favorite place to visit to see art?
H: One of my favorite places to see art is the National Gallery in Washington, DC. Something about viewing historic paintings that influenced how so many artists paint is amazing. The MET in New York, NY is also of course an all-time favorite. I was an art history major, so that explains a lot. These are two of the most well known art museums we have but- there is something so cool about so many amazing works all under one roof and the ability to see it all in one visit. One of my favorite things though is to walk around a local antique store, art walk/show, market, or art gallery and find pieces that speak to me. 
Freshfields Village Art and Walk- John's Island, SC
M: Do you collect anything?
H: I definitely collect things that inspire me. In my studio, I have a wall where I pin up anything I have found along the way that makes me think. It could be a picture of flowers, some wallpaper, a quote, or one of my old paint palettes. It is cool to be able to look over and find a little creative inspiration if I need it. I have also started picking up pieces of local and antique art when I find one I love. Right now I am all about pairing the old with the new- like a bright abstract painting on an antique mantle. 
"Mayhem" - Harrison Blackford, 30 x 40 Acrylic on Canvas- Available

M: Who is your favorite living artist?
H: I am a huge fan of Yangyang Pan and Michelle Armas- two amazing artists that have the most unbelievable appreciation for color. Can't get enough. YUM.
"Clementine" - Harrison Blackford, 48 x 48 Acrylic on canvas- Available
Thanks Harrison for letting us interview you! You are such a delight! Everyone go check out Harrison Blackford!

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