Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Obsession of the Week: Foo Dogs

I apologize for not blogging earlier this week. We had a BIG weekend! All of our friends and family came in town for a post wedding celebration (I eloped in January). Leslie hosted an amazing brunch at her house along with some other special ladies. Then we danced the night away at a venue in downtown Charleston! I don't have a voice, which I am told, is a sure sign of a successful weekend!

Anyway, I thought I would kick the week off with a splash of color! And where better to find color, then with foo dogs. Foo dogs are no longer a cliche symbol of Chinese restaurants, they are making a comeback! What are foo dogs? Foo dogs, otherwise known as Chinese guardian lions, have been protecting homes since 200 BC.  They were often placed on either side of the entrance of an imperial palace, cemetery or important government buildings. What are you waiting for? Join the trend and grab a pair (having just one is rumored as bad luck) of colorful Foo dogs. 


Image c/o cb2.com

Image c/o Lonny Mag

 Image c/o Once Daily Chic

 Obsession: Foo Dogs

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    1. Thanks Lee! We love your store! Hope to get up to Atlanta soon.