Monday, July 22, 2013

DIY: The PPF (Painted Plastic Figurine)

Many of you loved our last DIY post. Today, we want to bring you the deets on a popular DIY project that is trending on pinterest, the Painted Plastic Figurines or PPF, as we like to call it. The PPFs have been popping up everywhere (on desks, on top of jars, at place settings, etc.). We decided it was our turn to try this DIY craft out. 

Here is what you need:
-plastic toy animals (you can find them at a local craft store)
-newspaper or butcher paper
-spray paint (color of your choice)

***In the past, I have had problems using spray paint on plastic, so I asked the kind person at Lowes for a suggestion and he recommended the Krylon Fusion spray paint. It worked out great! The only drawback is it takes a little longer to dry, but I loved the glossy finish.

What you need
Lay out your butcher paper or newspaper on a porch or outside area (you want ventilation). Place your animals on the paper. Shake your can of spray paint vigorously (this is the only part that seems to be time consuming). Holding the can 12 to 18 inches away from your animals, begin to spray. Let animals dry and flip or rotate them before spraying another coat. Let animals dry. That is it...really! You can spray paint your animals in any color (metallic, neon, etc). I chose white because it matched the table setting.

Here are some other ways to use your PPFs.

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