Sunday, March 16, 2014

Decorating A Coffee Table 101

Ok, so we are not experts when it comes to decorating, but recently Marion added an orchid to her coffee table and we had an "Aha!" moment. Suddenly, the coffee table seemed to complete the living room. It was kind of amazing! So we decided to compile a list of the essentials for the coffee table.

1. Something Living: An orchid or any plant will work! It adds height to your table.
2. Conversation Piece: Everyone has an object laying around the house that will work for this; if not, find some here.
3. Pile of Books: Gather 3-4 hardback books and pile them together. Then, place your conversation piece on the pile of books.
4. Tray: A tray tends to gather the clutter that can accumulate on the coffee table, find it here.
5. Candle(s): This is the fun part, you can experiment with several candles and also the height of the candles. Try several grouped together or find one that has a great scent. 
6. Matches: A box of matches should always be close by in the living room. So, why not find a fun box or even a collection of matchbooks to display on the coffee table. 

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